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 Toolit is a range of vacuum lifting tool for cobots that can be configured to match the size of an object. Stability and safety are greatly improved because the suction cups are placed at the corners of the object. This means that a Toolit  is much better at lifting boxes and other large objects than conventional tooling.


High lifting capacity

Our tools feature an aluminium frame with a high strength steel reinforcement. Creating a lightweight yet strong construction that supports lifting objects up to 35 kg.


All tools are equipped with four high flow vacuum ejectors which are placed directly above the suction cups. This allows the tool to lift even the most porous materials.

Rapid manufacturing

When your configuration of choice is not in stock, we can deliver a custom-made tool within a few weeks by utilising rapid manufacturing technologies such as automated sheet metal bending and 3D-printing.


The Toolit concept allows the suction cups to be placed close to the corners of the object, where it is the strongest. This improves stability and safety during lifting and prevents tearing or buckling. Additionally, the tool has two separate pneumatic channels resulting in system with a high degree of redundancy. This makes it easier to comply with safety standards for collaborative robots such as ISO/TS 15066.

Easy to integrate

All tools are designed to mate with an ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 flange as used by most collaborative robot manufacturers. Adapter plates for robots and cobots with a different flange design are available upon request.


All Toolits can be equipped with vacuum switches to monitor the vacuum in each suction cup. By measuring the level of vacuum the air consumption of the tool can be optimized. 

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The Toolit platform is designed to help companies find a solution for their lifting problem. Our smart configurator helps you select the right product in seconds, instead of browsing the internet for hours to find a suitable solution. The platform is aimed at tooling for cobots but our goal is to eventually provide a standardized solution for all lifting problems.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. If you cannot find a standard solution that works for you, we can assist in developing a customized tool for your application, or help you integrate our tools in your production line.

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